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Meet Our Team

Driven by a love of art and design, fueled by caffeine.

Gina Leichty

Partner + Creative Strategist

Gina Leichty, Partner + Creative Strategist - Eyedart Creative Studio
As an entrepreneurial business leader, Gina devotes most of her time to turning seemingly impossible tasks into a reality. The gratification that comes from finding strategic ways to launch and grow businesses (with whatever tools are available at the time) is the foundation of the Eyedart team motto, “Solve for Yes.”

Gina has proven her chops in strategic planning, brand development, public relations, and campaign execution, time and again. Gina graduated from Goshen College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, which developed her passion for effective communication. This, coupled with her love of art, design, and community, led her to a career developing successful marketing strategies for businesses, municipalities, and individual clients in both the public and private sectors. Her projects span from multi-million dollar corporate campaigns to guiding the market strategy for an international language education school.

In 2019, Gina and her husband, Ben, purchased a once-abandoned historic home in downtown Goshen to serve as Eyedart Creative Studio’s headquarters. The road to full renovation is long, so most weekends you’ll find them painting, scraping, mudding, digging, or sawing alongside generous family and friends.

Gina’s fulfillment comes from using her professional skills to focus on things of true value: personal connection, community, justice, and beauty. She’s an unrelenting believer in the power of marketing for good.

Ben Stutzman

Partner + Designer

Ben Stutzman, Partner + Designer - Eyedart Creative Studio
Never has the world seen a more detail-oriented and data-driven artist. When Ben founded Eyedart in 2004 out of his art studio in San Francisco, he had in mind to create an organization that combined web and graphic design with fine art.

Ben spent his formative years living in Ecuador, St. Louis, and San Francisco and traveled extensively through Europe before settling in the Midwest. His immersion in the rich traditions of sacred art and urban design secured his fascination with the intersections of art, architecture, and design. Though Eyedart has expanded, Ben continues to pursue the goal of blending art and design. He believes that even practical tools – like a company’s website, can be cause for inspiration.

Finding enjoyment and harmony with diametrically opposed ideas is not only a characteristic of Ben’s approach to work but beyond that, as well. Ben enjoys all things quiet, Shhhhhhhhhh, except for open-wheel race cars and Iron Maiden. Ben also does not like pets but owns and generously cares for three cats.

Ben graduated from Goshen College with a degree in Fine art and Design.

Adrienne Nesbitt

Director of Events

Adrienne Nesbitt, Director of Events - Eyedart Creative Studio
A graduate of both Goshen High School and Goshen College, Adrienne has a passion for seeing her community thrive. And what better way to create positive change than to host corporate events and city-wide celebrations?

Adrienne takes on her role with ease, expertise, and charisma. Her major projects include advocacy for Goshens’s small businesses, directing First Fridays, organizing the River Bend Film Festival. Beyond that, she coordinates galas and dinners for clients. She doesn’t stop there: Adrienne is also on the board of a local theater, Art House, and founded Goshen’s annual artist venue, Arts on the Millrace.

Adrienne is a veritable theater lover, a seasoned jazz singer, and frequenter of Goshen’s many amazing restaurants and watering holes. Adrienne enjoys relaxing and attending parties she didn’t plan herself (but if you asked her, she would probably help plan your next one).

James Korn

Art Director + Lead Designer

James Korn, Art Director + Lead Designer - Eyedart Creative Studio
Stunning musician and band portraits, concerts, commercial photography, and eye-popping ad images are often the first things people associate with James. People are often surprised to learn that James is not only the skilled eye behind the camera – but an acclaimed art director and graphic designer, too.

With a few decades of experience under his belt, he’s collected a closet full of Addy Gold and Best of Show awards along with mentions in Communication Arts.

It might be his relentless curiosity that keeps his ideas fresh. It’s hard to find him out and about without his trusted Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the 35mm f/1.4. This is required gear for walkabouts, concerts, hiking, or camping. Surrounded by creative family members, James contributes time to his son’s Boy Scouts troop, the South Bend Symphony where his daughter played the flute and designing book covers for his wife’s novels.

James is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend’s Fine Arts program with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Taylor Stansberry

Video Content Producer

Taylor Stansberry, Video Content Producer - Eyedart Creative Studio
Producers are well-known for their multitasking abilities: direction, budgeting, logistics, deadlines, and communication. With her otherworldly abilities to turn chaos into order, it’s no wonder Taylor was drawn to this vocation.

Taylor applies her skills to every project she tackles, making sure things are buttoned up from start to finish. A dedicated learner, she is eager to try new tools, technology, and techniques to tell a good story. She enjoys using both the organizational components along with creative elements of video storytelling.

Goshen College’s communications program helped set Taylor up for success. During her studies, she had the opportunity to study at the Los Angeles Film Studies center where she produced several short films and interned at a production house in Burbank, California. During her career, she’s been at the core of several multidisciplinary teams. Today, she lends her talents to creating memorable and inspiring video content for Eyedart clients.

When she’s not pulling together complex projects at work – she likes to do them at home. Recently she filled her flower beds to capacity with butterfly and pollinator-friendly plants. Not satisfied there – she’s adding more room with raised beds.

Much like her garden, Taylor’s skills are constantly expanding and finding new outlets for growth.

Neil King

Client Marketing Manager

Neil King, Social Media Manager - Eyedart Creative Studio
Neil is a life-long writer and reader, part-time musician, and occasional bartender. His superpowers include finding humor in most situations, facing change with a positive outlook, and smoothing wrinkles in projects.

After working in academia for the first five years of his career, Neil stepped into a marketing role to support area businesses and not-for-profit organizations. At Eyedart, Neil works with clients to help them grow their unique voice in a way that vividly engages friends and followers.

When not writing stories, he enjoys the thrill of riding country roads and visiting small-town diners and dives on his motorcycle. Neil is also a casual gamer, preferring open-world role-playing games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, anything with a story. He also takes pride in his ability to work on vehicles and improve his home through construction projects. Nothing sates him like a job completed to the satisfaction or a story told well.

Neil earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a focus in Journalism and a minor in creative writing from Indiana University South Bend.

About Eyedart Creative Studio

Every person, business, and community has a stirring story to tell.
Our job is to make your story unforgettable.

Knowing how to design and deliver a clear message to the right people at the perfect time is one of the most challenging tasks individuals and organizations face. To successfully engage people with your story and move them to act, Eyedart develops and implements creative strategies focused on relationship management, research, action-oriented planning, and expertly skilled design.

Our innovative plans increase consumer spending, improve your business structure, and attract key stakeholders in a competitive market.

Creatively and collaboratively, we transform your ideas into profitable ventures.